Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

It was so nice to wake up and be lazy with Luke this morning! It was even better when my brother stopped by with some yummy donuts and this cute girl...Every time I see her lately she looks a little more grown up. While we ate our donuts, she watched videos of herself on my computer and we all laughed at her sweet little voice when she was just learning to talk and I told her that the video where she was picking her nose will come in handy when she is 17! Thanks for brightening my morning...and indulging my donut craving!

The rest of the day Luke and I just hung out. Laughing at each other. Watching a movie. Taking a ridiculously long nap. Enjoying 1 of 3 Mondays we have left where we can be complete bums (except that Luke usually works on Mondays and it sounds like a bad thing when I put it that way...but you know what I am trying to say)!

Check out our afternoon attire...
You may be wondering why we are sporting our Sooner it is not because we are in mourning over their recent loss to BYU (although I think most OU fans are) was all in the name of free Chick-fil-A of course! Chick-fil-A was giving away free chicken sandwiches if you wore your team's logo. The only thing better than Chick-fil-A is free Chick-fil-A. We stopped by and got our sandwiches to go (and felt like total dorks for matching). It was super yummy! Then we picked up a couple of redbox movies on the way home so we could go continue to have an uneventful evening.

We thought it was going to be uneventful...but what is Labor Day without a trip to Labor and Delivery? My heart had felt like it was racing this afternoon from about 4pm on, but seemed to get progressively worse. Finally I checked my blood pressure and heart rate around 7:30pm after an hour + of having a hard time breathing. It ranged from 100-129 even though I hadn't moved in like 2 hours. Apparently the low 100's is normal for pregnancy but mine has been around 80 the entire time I have been pregnant so it concerned me some. Then we checked Maddie's heart rate and it was between 189-193. We decided to call the doctor just to make sure everything was Ok and get her thoughts on the situation. She sent us to Labor and Delivery to check on Madelyn. Once we were there the doctor explained that it is not totally abnormal for the baby to have spikes in her heart rate up to 190 but it's cause for concern when it stays that high for long periods of time. Hers was just spiking! Praise the Lord! Within 45 minutes my heart rate was down to about 95-115 and Madelyn's was just doing the "healthy spikes". I did have a few big contractions while I was there but the doc attributed those to irritation in my uterus because of the increased blood flow! After about an hour we were allowed to head home!! Woo-hoo!

Now we are back at the house finishing up our movie. I am glad that everything was good. I felt like I may have over reacted by calling the doctor...but I am really just not used to my heart rate being that high or her heart rate being that high! Like I said before, what's Labor Day without a trip to Labor and Delivery??



  1. oh goodness!! i know that kind of stuff has to be scary!! Thank the Lord everything checked out alright!!

    My oldest neice was actually born on Labor Day in 1995 (holy moly, 1900's sound FOREVER ago! lol)

    And, I'm right there with ya on the fabulously lazy Labor Day weekend spent with a good movie, a great couch and an even better husband!! It was nice!!! =)

  2. correction...niece!! I dunno why, but I always spell it wrong on the first try! ugh, sorry!!

  3. Hang in there girl. Sounds like you managed to add a little "eventful" to an uneventful day.

  4. great pictures from this okie's point of view!


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