Thursday, September 24, 2009

The day in pictures...

I am not really sure if I could tell you about our day any better way than to just show you in pictures. So here it goes...Madelyn's big day in pictures...Luke and I before we head back to the operating room
Madelyn arrived at 8am on the dot! She weighed 6lbs 11oz and is 19 inches long! Shortly after she was born they determined that she was going to need some extra attention because she was struggling to breath. Before they took her to the nursery, the nurse brought her over to Luke and I to take a look at her!
Mommy's first kiss...Not long after I went to the recovery room, Luke was able to go check on Madelyn. They had a little hood on her and she was on almost 50% oxygen at this point. Although at this point I felt like I would never get to see my baby girl, I was glad that her daddy was able to be there with her.When I arrived this morning, the doctors told me it might be 7 or 8pm before I would be able to get out of bed. Nothing motivates a woman to get out of bed and move around like keeping her baby from her!! I was in there by noon!! Although it was extremely tough to watch her little chest retract and see her hooked up to all those monitors, my heart was so full just to lay eyes on her.Madelyn and her daddy! She is so blessed to have such an awesome man in her life!Checking her out. If you look close, you can see her little chest retracting. This was not something that I could stand to watch for too long. Her little chest was working so hard and going so fast.The nurse took the hood off for a few pictures. Look at that little beauty!Birthday buddies meeting for the first time. Emily was so anxious to meet her cousin!Madelyn eventually had to have her IV put in her head after having one in each arm and then failed attempts to get one started in her legs and feet. The sweet nurses put a little bow on the end of her IV. The long awaited moment for this first time mom...I was about to hold Madelyn for the first time! Just a few minutes before this picture was taken the pediatrician came in to update us on Madelyn's status. I was so nervous when he walked in the door, because we were not sure what he was going to say! He was so impressed with her improvements. She was down to 33% oxygen and continuing to make progress. He told us that he thought it would be OK if we went down to hold her. My heart was bursting. Then, as I sat there taking deep breaths, and trying to listen to what he was saying, I heard something in the background that told me God was trying to make his presence known. I mentioned before that Madelyn loves to listen to Kari Jobe and I have even shared with you about the song Healer in a previous post. Luke had turned the ipod on shuffle earlier in the day and that very moment Healer was the song coming through the speakers. God is so good and faithful.Our first family photo. For now she is resting in the nursery. She has improved so much and is now OFF the oxygen!! Praise the Lord!! Hopefully tomorrow she will be in the room with us...

Until then we are going to rest (in between visits to the nursery of course). I will keep you updated on her progress as we know more, but as of now she is doing GREAT!

We are beyond blessed...


  1. Just as I was going to email you and ask "where's the blog for today" thinking you surely did not have time to have a baby, all of the stress of waiting to hold the little cutie, and all of the emotion, and then I click on here and find out that OF COURSE you blogged. What great pictures and WONDERFUL news that Maddie is off the oxygen!! What a little trooper. She must have figured out she has the best toe ring I've ever seen and she needs to get up and around to pack that ring away before someone else gets it.

    I still cannot believe how good you guys look for getting up at the crack of dawn and having a baby. I'm waiting for the blog on how you pulled that off:)

    Congratulations again -- Maddie is a lucky little girl!


  2. I am so happy for you both and your baby girl is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I have been waiting all evening to read your blog for the night and I hope that you continue to write them...they are so moving. Of course most of the time I am balling my eyes out by the end, they really are WONDERFUL! Mom has decided that you need to become a writer :). I will keep praying for that precious angel and you two as well. CONGRATULATIONS! Tiffany Whitus

  3. Congrats! God has blessed you with a beautiful baby! You are such a strong person, and God knew you could handle anything he would put in yalls path. My heart melt seeing her chest retract so much, as a mother i cant imagine the feeling of not being able to help my child, but you truely are spectacular, being able to turn it over to God and letting him take care of her. ITs AMAZING how he takes care of us! I will be praying for you luke and especailly little maddie. I pray that she will be out of the nursery and in her mommy and daddys arms. COngrats and God Bless!! Shes beautiful. -Ashley Coon

  4. So glad to hear that she's already improving! Praying for Madelyn & her mommy and daddy tonight as I climb into bed!

  5. how perfect. she is a beauty. thanks for taking us on this journey with you. you are a talented writer!

    we are praying for you as you begin this new journey as a family of 3- and for your healing and her health.

    love you guys
    tye and christy brown

  6. Congratulations! So exciting! She is beautiful! Praying for her to continue to gain strength! So glad she is off the oxygen!

  7. What a truly amazing day!!!Congratulations!!!

    I am so happy to hear that she is making such quick progress!!! I can't imagine how hard it was for you to wait so long to hold her.

    Seriously though, you are one heck of a woman to be up so soon and to be looking soo good!!!!! You look incredible!!!

    Thank you for being such a dedicated blogger!! I was searching all of facebook last night trying to pics of your precious princess!!

  8. She was doing Great when I left last night at midnight... just wanted you to know amanda had christian music playing in the nursery just for madelyn! Congrats!!!!

  9. Sooooo precious! Congrats! Praying for a quick recovery for the two of you.


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