Tuesday, September 8, 2009

just another Tuesday

And people say that baby's don't come with instruction manuals... On one of our early trips to Babies-R-Us, Luke stumbled upon this baby owner's manual and for the last several months it has provided us with lots of laughs and some good info mixed in. Luke has done most of the reading from this book...and has often read parts out loud, but today I decided I would give it a read for myself.I was laughing...even as I read the first page...The book covers topics such as: Preparation and Home Installation, General Care, Feeding, Programming Sleep Mode (one of my favorites), General Maintenance and so on. The diagrams are hilarious. It's super entertaining and would make a really cute gift if you know someone who is expecting.

When I wasn't reading the baby owner's manual today, I was sleeping. I was completely unproductive today (luckily my mom was off work and covered the productive part for me-have I ever told you how awesome my mom is?)! I know that there is only so much you can do from your bed, but I at least like to get a few things done...pay bills, write thank yous, make some bows...anything to make me feel like I am not a total bum. So this afternoon I decided I would list a bow I made on Etsy (this awesome site where anyone can sell their handmade and vintage goods-you should check it out). I decided...what could it hurt? The worst that could happen is that it doesn't sell, right? In 15 minutes I sold the bow!! How awesome is that? I couldn't believe it. Maybe after Madelyn comes along I will post some more bows and such to sell on Etsy. Until then...I will celebrate that I sold a bow!

Madelyn and I have been doing absolutely nothing...it has been completely exhausting to have such a high heart rate. It has been steadily in the 120's today with lows around 105 and highs up to 132. Yuck. I understand that the doctor says that it's not uncommon for people to have heart rates in the low 100's while pregnant...but for someone whose pre-prego heart rate was in the low 60's and prego highs have been in the low 80's...120 while laying in bed is rough and tiring. We go to the doctor Thursday afternoon, so we will talk with her more about that then if it continues. Madelyn has the hiccups right now. So cute!

Oh...If you are going to be in the Waco area this weekend (or in driving distance) you should check out A Magnolia Weekend (click here). I wish that I was able to travel because I would be there. It looks like a fun time to get together with some girlfriends or a mother-daughter outing and shop for some one of a kind treasures...


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  1. Kathryn, no matter what anyone tells on here, God has been preparing you and Luke to be wonderful parents. Don't freak out, your mommy instinct will kick right in and you will magically know what to do. I know its hard to believe, but it just happens. God really prepares you. You and Luke are going to be WONDERFUL parents. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about not doing or doing something. You just do what is right for Madelyn, and you will know what that is, I promise! Love you both and can't wait to meet that beautiful baby!! =) Katie Skinner


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