Sunday, September 27, 2009

a day of firsts...

This is going to be a post FULL of pictures! It has been a day of enjoying our little girl and lots of firsts! We enjoyed spending time with our wide eyed little girl...I know I am a little partial, but look at that sweet face. She is gorgeous!
She loves her daddy. It is so sweet to watch my 2 favorites spending time together. His voice always seems to calm her.
Yawn, baby, yawn!
She always seems so alert when she is awake now. She scans around and watches everyone, but for the most part remains really calm when she is awake. Hopefully she will be laid back like her daddy!
I got to hold her this afternoon for about 30 minutes!! She had a new IV put in on the other side of her head so she had been disturbed for quite some time just before this. It was great to be able to soothe her and love on her!
This was her very first feeding! Luke and I were almost dreading the feeding a little because of the tube that had to go down her throat, but she did great! Luke and I were even able to watch it being put in and the feeding without any tears on our end! Ha! She is such a trooper and took 15cc's of mommy's milk. Right after she ate she fell asleep. They were so impressed with how well she took to the milk!
We found out after lunch time that her biliruben levels had increased from the previous day from the low/moderate risk group to the high intermediate risk group for jaundice. So right after she had her first feeding she moved to a new bed. Luke called her our little glow worm. She had these little baby cloth goggles on to protect her eyes and will spend at least 24 hours in the bili bed.
After spending 6 hours in the bili bed, Luke was able to hold Madelyn for 45 minutes using the "bili blanket". Do you see where it looks like her head is glowing?? That's the bili blanket Luke is holding under her back. I love how she is looking up into Luke's eyes. She's already got him wrapped around her little finger!!
The glow worm still looking up so intently at Daddy!
Luke sang to her while he rocked her tonight. It really made me look forward to nights at home, listening to him sing and play the guitar for her.
Does this make your heart melt or what?? Luke loves to give his pretty little lady kisses!
After lots of good daddy daughter time, Madelyn fell asleep in his arms. It was absolutely precious!

She is still on 25% oxygen tonight and they are not going to try to ween off of it until her blood work results tomorrow. Her respirations have been GREAT. They mainly stay between 50-65 right now which is AWESOME. She just seems so much more at peace and content. She has now had 3 feedings and done great for all 3! They will do another x-ray in the morning that should be more informative concerning the presence still of the pneumonia in the lungs. Like I mentioned earlier, because she was on the CPAP machine when they took her x-ray this morning, it might not have been as accurate.

I know that tomorrow only holds more progress for Madelyn!! I have some more that I want to share, but I wanted to at least share these pictures for now and let you know how great she is doing!



  1. She is Beautiful! I am so glad she is making great progress. I can't wait until you take her home and put some pictures up of her in all of her super cute clothes and bows you have made for her!

  2. you arent even kidding- so beautiful!!! we love reading each day. thank you for keeping us up to speed. congrats momma on pumping to feed her. it must be tough to start out that way, so we will pray for that too- and that you will get to nurse her soon and she will take right to it. we so love you bilberry's!!
    love tye and christy

  3. Love the pictures of her with Luke! God is thankful for Maddie's progress. Thanks for the updates and the is a blessing to see God at work through your family.

  4. Great, great news! Kathryn, so glad to hear she's getting healthy mommy milk and that she obviously loves it. And Luke certainly has the calming touch, which will come in so handy during the middle of the night for the next few months :)

    What a doll -- those little glo worm dolls have always been one of my favorite baby toys, and the pics of your "glo worm baby" are just precious.

    You guys take care of yourselves too -- feet up and REST!

    Love, Nancy

  5. So very thankful she is doing a little better. The pictures are way too cute! She really is gorgeous, you are not just being biased. =) Love you guys...Chris, Stacy and Reese

  6. YAY!!! What a blessing....God is SOOOO good! She is ADORABLE!!! --The Skinner's

  7. Yay!!!! Praise God!!! :-D She is beautiful! I'm glad she is off the Cpap! :-D

  8. She is soo beautiful.. So glad she is doing so much better.. I pray that she continues to improve daily.. Glad she is eating now.. I know you were worried about that.. God is good.

  9. Can I just say Awwwww! So very very precious!

  10. lori graham said..
    She is gorgeous!! So Bright eyed and alert. Hope the feedings go well today!! Can't wait to see her up close and personal!! Luv ya'll

  11. Kathryn,
    She is SO Beautiful!!!! Praying for the little precious to get well so she can go home where she belongs, with her sweet Mommy & Daddy!
    (Ava's mom)

  12. The pictures are beautiful--I love the one where she is looking up at Luke! So great to see the faithfulness of God in answered prayer. Glad she's getting to eat.

  13. What sweet pictures!! So many memories happening so fast. I'm glad you are able to capture them so that you can cherish them forever. She looks like such a sweet little girl and I'm sure it just melts your heart each time you get to hold her. We are thinking of you and your baby girl here in Abilene!

  14. Dear Kathryn,
    SO many friends praying for you all! She is an adorable gift from God. How blessed to have you and Luke for a mommy and daddy. I just spent the weekend with my new grand neice (10 days old). Holding your little own little one must be very special. We love you and miss you at school! Jan


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