Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take a little tour...

Except for the fact that some of Madelyn's picture frames contain faces of complete strangers (and some are still making their home on the floor waiting for her little face to fill them up), our little girl's room is just about put together. Almost everything has it's own little place. Hopefully I remember where that place is when I am searching for something at 2 am! I decided that this called for a tour! Are you ready? Here we go...

My sister gave me this shelf. I made the two little frames on the left, found the big frame 90% off at Hobby Lobby and the "He loves me" sign at First Monday in Canton. This is one of my favorite parts of the room!
This is the view if you are looking into the bathroom. Our house has 2 master bedrooms so she has a bathroom in her room. Once she gets mobile we will have to do something about this...but for now it's great!Her bathroom sink.
I think she has a bigger wardrobe than I do! Can you believe all these clothes?It's so awesome having a walk in closet in her room! Check out all the baskets of hand me down clothes from her cousins! She has her whole first year wardrobe already...yet it is still so hard to resist all those cute little girl outfits!
I am excited that we have this stash!
I love all things "M" these days. How cute is this hook that is hanging by her light switch?
This is the door hanger I made for her after I saw one like it on someone's blog! Like I said...I love all things "M". I can't wait to bring her home and give her a tour! I hope she like's red...



  1. What a great nursery!!!! I'm about as excited as you are now! :)

  2. My favorite color is red and this nursery is awesome. I love all the homemade elements. That just makes it all the more special. I know you are so excited. I would be anxious too to bring her to this special home. You guys are truly blessed.
    Praying for you 3,
    Heather Harris


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