Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve

Today Madelyn turned 14 weeks. 14 weeks. The transition from 13 to 14 weeks held one very noteworthy change...Madelyn slept through the night in her nap nanny for the first time and has continued to all week long!! Before that, she slept in my arms in the recliner in our living room and woke up once (sometimes twice) to nurse. We are so proud of her. I am not sure if Luke is more proud of her or of freaked me out to lay down and fall asleep because I was afraid something would happen and I would sleep through it. I have surprised even myself with how well it's all gone.

This morning some sweet friends, Courtney and Kristin, stopped by to see Madelyn and catch up for a bit. The last time Courtney saw Madelyn she was in the special care nursery at ETMC under the oxyhood. She's definitely grown since then. ((One more pound and Madelyn will have doubled her birth weight!)) Luke and I wouldn't mind if Madelyn picked up Courtney's passion for people and Kristin's beautiful voice...just saying.
As always, it was so good to see them.

After they left, Madelyn got a personal serenade from her sweet daddy. She kept her eyes on him the whole time he played.
She was kicking her feet with the music. It was absolutely precious.This afternoon Madelyn and I took a long nap. It was great. I was completely wiped out and so was she so we really enjoyed the rest. I even slept longer than she did thanks to my hubby :)

Madelyn looked so cute in her little dress and black tights that I wanted to get some pictures with her before we went to see some friends then get dinner.
We didn't make any New Years Eve plans since we had not been feeling too good earlier in the week (not that we really make NYE plans very ofter anyways-ha!). We stopped by to see the Vrbas (who have supplied Madelyn with some super cute bows-including the leopard one she had on). Meagan and Luke grew up together, so we wanted her to see Madelyn while she was in town. Madelyn's probably grown 5 pounds since the last time they saw her!!
After that our plans changed a bit. Luke and I decided to pick up some movies and dinner to go from Texas Roadhouse. Considering it was our last meal of the decade, we thought we needed to make it a yummy one. Luke had chicken fried steak and I had a delicious chicken salad with a loaded sweet potato. It was perfect. What was your last meal of the decade??

We just finished dinner, are watching Four Christmases and hanging out with the baby girl. I doubt I will even make it to midnight and Luke doesn't look like he will either. We are party animals, I know. A baby changes everything!

Happy New Years Eve!


  1. Our last meal was Olive Garden. We dined in with Carlyle, hoping she would sleep the entire time. However, she was awake the whole time and only got fussy when we got our check. The big girls were with grandparents. I was in bed by 10:00...I'm so not the party animal! Wishing you a Happy New Year! Many blessings in 2010.

  2. YAY for Madelyn sleeping in her Nap Nanny all night and YAY for mom!! Since you asked - we had homemade pizza and chicken wings for supper!! What a way to bring in the New Year!! We stayed hone too seeing all 3 of us were under the weather too!! Happy New Year to ya'll!! Hope ya'll are blessed w/ a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!


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