Monday, December 14, 2009

another date night!!

This morning was full of rest. Madelyn and I snuggled up until well after 9am. I was never a late sleeper until now. If I was not out of bed by 7am I felt like I had wasted part of the day. Now, if the little one is snoozing, I just lay there holding her until she wakes up (that's me attempting to justify why I stay in my pajamas way too long these days). Once she was awake she was super playful. Smiling, chuckling, pulling on my hair tight like a little Koala bear. She played on the floor on her play mat (flat on her back) for over an hour. Kicking her feet, grabbing the toys and smiling big. She did her little giggle of sorts every time I turned her glow worm on. I think if she had been motivated just a little bit more she would have rolled over to get it!!

I put her super cute little Christmas outfit on again for a little bit because I realized I did not get any pics of the whole outfit (although I know there will be another chance again soon). She would not smile for the camera, but as soon as I would put it down she would grin from ear to ear. Typical.
This afternoon I wrapped presents, picked up a few things around the house (although there are a couple hundred more things out of place in our house-I keep telling myself, "One day at a time"), ordered a few things online and talked on the phone for over an HOUR. The last part was not by choice. I just have to say, why do medical institution's billing departments act like the absorbent amount of money you racked up was spent on a vacation to Hawaii and a shopping spree for your entire family? I mean seriously. It's not like we chose to spend 3 weeks in the hospital! When discussing a payment plan I was actually asked, "I am sure you spend more than that on your electric bill ma'am. Do you think you could do more?" Last time I checked electricity was one of those vital requirements in raising a baby (((especially when she has to be plugged in to an apnea monitor!!!))). I wanted to ask her if she wanted to pay two electric bills every month. But I didn't. I was kind (although I was very tempted to be very unkind). Just for the record this was not even one of the two hospitals that I need to call in order to set up the same thing. Just one of the services that was rendered. To make myself feel better I practiced writing my "letter of disapproval" for the way I was talked to in my head. HA.

Anyway, I better move on because I can feel myself getting hot. AGAIN.
And it's totally not worth it.

Tonight my sister-in-law and niece came over to babysit Madelyn.
I know she had a blast with her aunt and cousin. Luke and I had a blast on our dinner date to Julians. Then we went to Lifeway and Luke bought Maddie the Jesus Storybook Bible. He is super excited about reading it to her. I picked out a 100 Days of Prayer devotion and asked Luke to get it for me for Christmas :)

Of course we also went to Wal-Mart. Lame to go to Wal-Mart on a date night I know. Oh well. We had a blast hanging out together, just the two of us. It makes me laugh to think that's how it used to be. It's almost hard to remember. It just seems so natural for it to be the 3 of us!

I can hear both of my sweeties breathing deeply as they sleep right now. Luke sleeps out here in the living room with Madelyn and I most nights on a couch that is definitely not the best sleeping couch ever (I am married to the most amazing man ever-seriously ever) when there is an oh-so-comfy (empty) bed just down the hall. I love them dearly and am thankful to celebrate the birth of our Savior this Christmas with the two of them.


  1. Sounds like lots of fun times with family, Maddie and hubby! Already two dates with a 2 1/2 month old baby is VERY impressive!! Good for you!

    I'm impressed you held your tongue on the bill discussion. I can still get wound up thinking of similar discussions from ten years ago (don't ever ask -- you'll regret it when I'm still telling you in excruciating detail hours later) :)

    Love, Nancy

  2. We love The Jesus Storybook Bible!! I've been reading it to Benjamin when he's nursing or in the bathtub so he doesn't try to tear/eat the beautiful illustrations.

  3. When I posted my last comment, the security word that came up for verification was "cured." Maybe it's for Madelyn!

  4. I love the pic of Maddie where she's sticking her tongue out. Very cute!!

    Love you,


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