Wednesday, December 23, 2009

better luck next year

My sister and I took Madelyn and my nieces to see the jolly* old big guy at the mall today. Actually, Madelyn and I met them there. We thought it would be cute to get a picture of the cousins in their matching outfits. Remember how well that went over the last time we attempted this? As it turned out, it may have been a little ambitious.

*Apparently he forgot that Santa is supposed to be jolly. He didn't even give us one "ho" much less a good "ho ho ho".

We knew Allison would probably scream once we put her in Santa's lap but we did not anticipate her refusing to even go near him. I don't have it to show you because I need to scan it, but the only reason we have a picture of the three girls with Santa is because my sister held Allison! It actually turned out really cute!

We did manage to get some of Emily and Madelyn and one of Madelyn by herself. Besides the fact that Santa forgot to look at the camera for most of the pictures (or be jolly for that matter), they were great!

Since we had to scratch Santa from the equation in order for Alli to even consider being involved, I thought we could just snap a quick pick of the girls in one of the chairs at the mall. Here's how well that turned out for us...

Better luck next year??


  1. I LOVE it! See, that's a way better story/memory than if all three girls (and Santa) had just willingly just sat there and smiled!

  2. You will cherish these pictures one day--and you will think that they are absolutely perfect just he way they are :).

  3. they are perfect-
    they are REAL!!!! Love Sharon


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