Thursday, December 3, 2009

simple and pure

I absolutely love these two. Always will.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the love I have for them. They brighten every day. Each moment we spend absent from each other makes me anticipate the next when we will be together that much more. I love you Luke. I love you Maddie Kate.

Since Luke and I became close friends our sophomore year of high school, Proverbs 17:17 is a verse we have had as "our verse". A friend loves at all times. I was thinking today about how blessed we are, that above all, we are best friends. Best friends in love.

Madelyn is the most wonderful thing. Her sweet smile and playful spirit is a constant reminder of how pure and innocent a child is. No matter how crazy our days may be, her smile is simple and pure and is a constant reminder of how precious life is.

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  1. So do you blog in the middle of the night or what?? I go to bed around 11 each night and there is no new blog but sure enough there is one in the morning!!:) Thinking of you and missing you my sweet friend!!


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