Monday, December 21, 2009

catch up

I had been debating for about two weeks about whether to take Madelyn to church this past Sunday to see Luke in the church's Christmas program. I know Madelyn would not know the difference, but I really wanted to take her with me. I went back and forth. We are going to go. We are not going to go. We will sneak in after it starts. It's not worth the possibility of her getting sick. Back and forth. I finally decided Saturday night that we were not going to go. That was until Sunday morning when I changed my mind again. Ha!

This was Madelyn in her first church outfit!! She looked so cute and Christmas-y.
My sister went with us in case Madelyn got fussy. That way I could see the whole thing. Everyone did an AWESOME job in the program. Luke was a grey haired grandpa in the performance. He's pretty cute as an old man. I knew he would be. Luke leads the children's choir at church so it was cute to see all the little ones that he has been working with! They were adorable. I look forward to the day Madelyn is in the children's choir (hopefully she will be more musically inclined than I am-which won't be too hard!).

We snuck in after it started and hung back after it was over to avoid being in a big crowd. It was good to be at church. I have only been once (without Madelyn) since she was born. I cannot wait until we can go every Sunday. With everyone still sick lately, it's just not worth the chance yet. It was just a great morning!!

When we made it home, I decided we should have a little photo shoot since Madelyn looked so precious. She was a little upset though...
because she poked a hole in her tights...
I told her it was just something that happens, but she still cried about it. She just always likes to look her best.

I accidentally took off my church clothes too soon, but I still wanted a pic with my little princess anyways. She is so precious...
While we were at church my mom cleaned my house. The dust has been collecting since Thanksgiving. Embarrassing, I know. BUT my mom is the nicest person ever and knew that it was stressing me out. It was awesome coming home to a clean house. Thanks Mom.

Madelyn seems to really like the Bumbo these days. She looks super cute when she is sitting in it. After about 10 minutes she turns into a little bobble head. It's pretty funny.

Yesterday morning Madelyn was pretty fussy. She did not want to be put down at all. Her reflux was acting up big time and she was (still is actually) a little "backed up". Ha-not sure how to put it other than that. She started to smile again during the afternoon, but still had problems with her reflux for the rest of the day. It was just one of those days around here.

While Madelyn snuggled with Luke I went to Wal-greens to get Madelyn's medicine and print a few pictures. It turned in to TWO hours of frustration. I was so happy to get home. Madelyn snuggled some more with her daddy while my mom, sister and I made some holiday goodies.

I realized that yesterday was the first day since we have been home that she has not worn a bow. Gasp. It just seemed like torture to mess with her at all while she was feeling so bad. Then I realized at about 11:58pm that I had not taken ANY pictures yesterday. BIG gasp. At this point Madelyn was WIDE awake and smiling like crazy. So before we broke our streak of photographing every day of Madelyn's life we took these...She loves to read...Anyone remember Diff'rent Strokes? All I can say about this one is, "What'choo talkin' bout Willis??" Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow! I am praying that the reflux calms down a bit! We have a few fun things planned so I am looking forward to a good day with my little family of three!

For the record: I hate when I miss a day blogging. I feel like I have too much to catch up on. Hopefully I won't be such a slacker (or Maddie won't feel so bad) so that I don't have to play catch up again anytime soon!


  1. Just an FYI: the indecisiveness is just part of motherhood!! Can happen daily!! She looked so pretty for church!! Sorry she's having so much troubles w/ the reflux!! And I so know what you mean about blogging - it's really hard to do it on a daily basis and I feel bad when I don't but..... you always seem to catch us up when you do get back to us!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

  2. Whatcha talkin' bout Willis...LOL...I so remember that! LOL cracked me up girl. She looked so cute in her church outfit. Love you guys, have a very Merry first Christmas.


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