Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 hours

Last night Madelyn did something she has never done before. She slept for nearly 5 hours. OK, so she has slept for 5 hours straight before. But that is not all. Madelyn Kate (more dramatic with first and middle names) slept for nearly 5 hours without being held! She slept in her swing for nearly 5 hours straight. Oh my. I am useless now. Haha, just kidding. Where did Madelyn Kate's mommy and daddy sleep for 5 hours? Their super comfy king size bed?? Pshaw. Beds are overrated (as the only one I have slept in over the last 12 weeks has been of the hospital nature). We made a pallet on the living room floor right by the swing as we thought this would only last for an hour tops. Perhaps we shall move the swing to the bedroom tonight?? I think we shall. What happened after the 5 hours of sleep without being held? The midge ate and went back to sleep. FOR 4 more hours!! Woot. (<-- That's my happy sound. Try it-say it out loud. Made you smile didn't it??) My goodness I love this kid.

Yesterday we were gone all day. We went to my friend's house who has a two week old precious baby girl. My friend has been having some heart issues since giving birth and needed a little rest. So Madelyn and I hung out with this little princess while her mommy got some sleep.

Kelsey is such a sweetie. I am sure she and Madelyn will be buddies. They looked so cute hanging out next to each other. I could not get over how big Madelyn is already compared to her. I discovered a few things while I hung out with these little beauties yesterday:
1. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby curled up on your chest.
2. 3 month old babies are too young to be jealous of their mommy taking care of another baby.
3. My baby is not the only one that thinks it's funny to pee while you are putting the clean diaper on/right after it's on.

I had a blast letting her mommy get some sleep and take a shower. While she was sleeping we took some sweet pics of her little one.

I was afraid Madelyn would be sad if she was not included in the picture taking fun so naturally I took a few of her too. Check out these faces.

She is starting to show a lot of personality. I love it.


  1. Kelsey is adorable, and you're a great photographer. And, of course, Maddie is adorable as well. Sounds like a great day -- hope you all get to sleep in your bedroom soon!

    Love, Nancy

  2. Oh, Kelsey loves being included on the Bilberry blog! How super cool! Thanks so much for coming over yesterday! You girls were GREAT company!!!! Love, Lori and Kelsey!

  3. Beautiful girls!! What a wonderful beginning to a life long friendship!!


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