Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Weeks

You are probably thinking to yourself, aww how cute is Madelyn smiling while she is playing on her tummy?? Wrong. Although that may appear to be a smile on her face, looks can be deceptive. OK, so that may actually be a smile but it would have only lasted for half a second 'cause this girl was so unhappy with me. She even pulled out the pouty lip. Speaking of, I need to get a pic of that pouty lip to share because it is pretty awesome. She usually reserves it for her daddy. She already knows how to work the system. Anyway, back to tummy time...she still hates it. Not in the "I don't really care much for Swiss cheese but I will eat it if it was put on my sandwich at Subway" kind of way. She hates it in the "I hate Swiss cheese so make me a new sandwich because it touched my turkey" kind of way. Oh well, at least I tried. Any suggestions from Mom's who have babies that have had bad reflux?? I know she will do things when she is good and ready, but I don't want her to be that kid in the church nursery that all the babies stare at funny because she looks like a bobble head because she can't hold her head up straight ((only joking...well 98% of that was joking)). Ha.

She has however mastered playing on her back. My goodness, this kid kicks like she is running a marathon. I asked her where she was going earlier. She told me Gigi and Papa's because she can't just wait until next week to see them. With how fast those little legs were pumping she may just get there faster than the 10 hours (9 if Papa is driving) it takes to get here from their house.
Listen to her talking while we were playing today ((and ignore me-haha))

Her eyes melt my heart. They are big and beautiful. It's like they can look straight through me. Her right eye has big flecks of brown that are slowly but surely taking over the blue that was once there. Her leftt eye is still blue as can be. It reminds Luke and I of a student from Martin's Mill that has two different colored eyes that are absolutely beautiful. We keep telling her that she wants to be like Christa and coaching her right eye to stay blue. I am sure it will change eventually too, but it's pretty cute for now.

Why the picture of the pile of diapers, Kathryn? You know how at every doctor's appointment the pediatrician's nurse asks how many dirty diapers your little one has on average each day? Well I never really know how many exactly, I just make a joke that it's a lot. No more joking for me. At 10am this morning I decided to just leave them out to see how many she goes through. This was my pile by 9pm. 3 poopy. 5 wet. 8 total in just 11 hours. YIKES. Considering she pees the second I put a clean diaper on, this wasn't really a surprise to me. BUT COME ON PEOPLE, 8 diapers in 11 hours. That makes me think we go through on average 10-12 diapers a day. If we only went through 11 diapers a day, that would bring our grand total so far to just under 1,000 diapers. That means if we keep this pace up (which we should not according to the doctor-she apparently will become more "efficient" in how she poops) we will use 4,000 diapers by September 24, 2010. Oh. My. Goodness. That is a wholelota diapers. The average price for a Pamper's diaper is 24 cents (newborn=19 cents each where as size 3's=29 cents each) each. Folks, that is just under $1,000 on diapers in 1 year. ((And that doesn't take in to account the fact that sometimes she will poop on 3 diapers in a row while you are trying to change her)) That's pretty funny.

When Luke went to Dallas recently he stopped at a Gap and bought Madelyn a little onesie that says, "Best Gift Ever". That couldn't be more true. She is our best gift ever. Always will be. Doesn't she look like such a big girl sitting under the tree?
It's hard to believe she is already 12 weeks old. TWELVE weeks, people. On Christmas Eve she will be 3 months old. Today I was remembering the day that Madelyn turned a week old. I was so excited to celebrate that milestone. A few days before I wondered if I ever would. That day, October 1, when she celebrated her 1 week birthday, my mom spoke this verse over her,

"The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing."
Zepheniah 3:17

Today I read it to her. It was true when it was penned for the first time. True when Mom spoke it over Madelyn 11 weeks ago. True today. He is with her. He is might to save! He delights in Madelyn. Has and will continue to quiet her with His love. He will rejoice over Madelyn with singing. It's no surprise to Him that Madelyn is with us today, yet I know He is rejoicing with us at every milestone that we celebrate. Happy 12 weeks, Madelyn Kate.


  1. One thing I did with my girls to strengthen their tummy time muscles is sit ups. I laid them flat on my lap and had their little fingers clasp my forefinger then I pulled them up to sitting position and back down again over and over and over. It strengthens their neck and tummy muscles. Once those are stronger, they can support themselves better on their tummies and they don't mind it as much.

    Do you have a SAMS? We always bought the cheap dipes in bulk at SAMS and it saved us a lot of money before we went cloth. They don't sell the same brand of dipes in their regular walmart stores. I thought they were decent and better than the cheap brand in the walmart stores. They even have the stretch tabs on the sides. Just a thought.

  2. Happy 12 weeks Madelyn Kate! I'm so proud to be your aunt! I can't wait to see you on your 3 month birthday!!

    I love you!
    Aunt Kenda

  3. I used to lay on my back with Benjamin on his tummy on my chest. He would lift up his head to see my face and he liked it better than playing on his tummy on the floor. According to his pediatrician, this counts as tummy time! Try it--so much more fun for her and for you!
    Also, diapers on shipping if you have amazon prime and no sales tax makes it cheaper per diaper even than SAMS club!

  4. Tummy time - I agree with Kristi...lay them on your tummy and go from there. My son hated it too, but it will get easier for them!

    Diapers - I have no advice to offer, we still go through that many in a day at 7 months!

  5. i'm going to steal some of these ideas on tummy time. carlyle hates it as well. as far as the diapers...i'm in the same boat!! i've tried the cheaper ones, and at least for us, they dont work as well. we're sticking with the huggies. more $ but i'm not having to change clothes as often b/c of leaks. our babies are growing up SO SO fast! can't believe carlyle is already 3 months and madelyn is right behind her! one of these days they'll have to meet up. hope ya'll have a very blessed christmas!

  6. For tummy time help, put a pillow under her pallet so that she starts out with just a gradual incline and then work back towards flat on the floor. Small victories!

  7. Oh that diaper picture really made me laugh and cry... We have been diapering for 9 years now... NONSTOP!!! My littlest will be two soon, and then we begin potty training... I wonder what I could do with all that extra cash!!


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