Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today as I was looking at how big our little girl has gotten I am overwhelmed at the thought that she is no longer our little newborn. She is full of personality. She has started to figure out when I leave the room to use the restroom, or maybe she knew all along but just now discovered that she does not like it. She enjoys our silly faces that we make in desperate attempts for a smile. Loves to look at the lights on the Christmas tree. Thinks her Daddy is the funniest person she's ever met. Considering she has only me a little over a dozen people, that's not saying much-ha! She is just growing. Fast. Full of life and personality. And it's awesome.
BIG yawn
Check out those eyes...
Maddie loves her daddy
and is always smiling at him.
She is so close to letting out a big laugh. Especially when Luke talks to her. She does this little chuckle that is absolutely precious. But then again, everything she does is precious.
When I made this little onesie I never could have guessed how cute the heart would look on her little bottom. I love that little bottom.
This afternoon I was brave. Brave like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. I put Madelyn down to nap in her bassinet in our bedroom this afternoon. She did not like being in it on the incline so I let her lay flat on her back in it. I had her monitor hooked up ((although I snuck in and checked on her often)). She slept for a solid hour in there. YAY, Maddie! So we will see what comes of this!

Maybe we can move back in to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom??
I am not sure I know what a bed feels like. Or what it's like to lay horizontal. Oh well. I am remembering to cherish every minute of holding our little one. Some day soon she will be miss independent and sleeping in her own bed. Until then, I will treasure every moment.

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