Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday & Monday

Yesterday morning I woke Madelyn up early to get some good play time in with Luke's parents before they had to leave. I was nervous she would be in bad mood since I have never woken her up before (I just let her wake up on her own), but she was just as happy as ever. She cooed and smiled before falling back asleep! It was sad to see them go, but hopefully we will get to see them again soon. I am not sure when we will be up for a 10 hour drive with the little one, so we are definitely thankful that Gigi and Papa don't mind coming to us!

I had great plans to begin the post-holiday-clean-up but instead Madelyn and I took a nap. We were tired and it was so good to hold her close and cuddle. If I had known that 3 nights ago that when we put Madelyn to sleep in her Nap Nanny that she would sleep through the night and not need me to hold her anymore to sleep, I would have cherished the night before so much more. It's kind of sad that I quite possibly won't hold her all night to sleep again.

Once we finally woke up from our nap, I wanted to get some pictures of Madelyn with all her Christmas presents-seeing as she won't remember them (and she slept through me opening them for her). This way some day down the road she can look back at what she got for her first Christmas. With some help from my mom, Maddie was grinning like crazy...
I love those cheeks. I can finally relate to all the "cheek pinchers" of the world. Those things are just so chunky and soft and plain adorable that my hand is just drawn right to them.
My goodness. Can we say rotten?? The good thing is, everything is something that we will be able to use throughout this year and beyond. Clothes to grow in to. Learning toys for when she gets older. Lots of books for us to read together. Golf clubs (real ones I might add) to play with Papa and lots more...some of which I will share about tomorrow (hopefully). Doesn't she look tickled? It's because she loves her goodies...each and every one of them.
Last night Madelyn and I decided we would join Luke at church. I had my sister take a picture of us as we were on our way out the door...
It was so good to be there. Everyone was so sweet and wanted to get a good look at Madelyn. Of course little Miss Macey (Madelyn's future babysitter as I call her) needed to hold her for a few minutes. She is pretty much a little natural holding her. So cute.
One of our church members who recently made the move to St. John's, New Foundland, Canada (where Luke and a team went on a mission trip this summer) was in town for Christmas. It was so good to see him. Here is Dennis holding Madelyn.
After heading to my parent's house after church to catch the Cowboy's game and eat dinner we came back to the house. Luke and Madelyn have settled in to a pretty good routine of reading the Jesus Storybook Bible together at night. Every single time I see this I am thankful to have a husband like Luke. I am blessed.
Today has been lazy. Madelyn slept through the night again. Pretty awesome! Other than that, neither one of us have felt very good. Madelyn has slept an unusual amount and has a couple little sores in her mouth that I am probably going to call the doctor about tomorrow. I am 98% positive I am getting one of my two annual sinus infections. Blah. I am so leery of taking anything for it while nursing, but I will more than likely ask the doc about that too. Hopefully tomorrow we wake up feeling a little better.

I took a few pics of her early this morning when we both still felt OK. Look how sweet she looks in that hat...

I put her in her exersauser for the first time this morning while we were up in her nursery. I was going to start boxing up her newborn clothes and then realized that both of us were on a down hill slope of not feeling well so we just headed back downstairs. Now looking at these pictures, I feel so bad I even put her in it. She looks worn out and pitiful...


  1. Darling pics! Hope you both feel better soon.

    Love, Nancy

  2. I'm sorry ya'll are feeling bad!! Get well soon!! Precious pics!!

  3. Oh my goodness...all those presents!! They are about to swallow her up! :) I hope ya'll get to feeling better quick! I LOVE they hat!!
    P.S.-Emma has those bongo drums and she LOVED them--very fun times headed your way(some of many) ;)

  4. Sorry, had to put one more quick comment up-Emma also has that book in front of all the books--"My Little Book About God"(I think that is the title). Awww, now I will think of ya'll while I read it to Emma and how blessed we all are!!

  5. OMGoodness! Looks like M is one very LOVED little girl! What a special Christmas for you all.

    Would you please email me your address so that I can get you the Project 320 Prize Bundle that you won!! I apologize if you already sent it to me and I lost it in the Holiday maddness.

    Thanks for your donation and making our venture a HUGE success! Wishing you more joy and surprises in 2010!


  6. Loveeeeeeeee the 3rd pic of her in the pink crocheted hat! Blow it up & frame it! :)


Thank you for the comment love! :)

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