Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I believe, Help my unbelief

This morning when I walked in to the living room to feed Madelyn and glanced out the back windows, this was my view...Yesterday morning as I did the same thing, this was my view...There were 7 of them to be exact. God's creation, in it's beauty and splendor, greeting me "Good morning". Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. An ever-present reminder of His attention to detail.

Madelyn and I sounded pretty gross this morning. She was congested. I was congested. Our noses made noises that noses are not supposed to make. Yuck, I know. I felt a little bit better this morning than last night. Madelyn seemed to as well. I still called the doctor because of the sores in her mouth. They wanted to see her so we had to get busy with bath time...
The temperature kept dropping around here so it was really cold by lunch time; hence the post-bath double bundle action. It started sleeting right before we left. Naturally. Thankfully the ground was still too warm and the sleet became too sporadic for there to be any accumulation on the roads.

We made it to the doctor's office early (there's a first time for everything). First up, weigh in. Madelyn weighed a whopping 13 pounds 8 ounces with her clothes on. My guess is she is probably right at 13 pounds. She's a growing girl, that is for sure. Ears were perfect. Nasal passages looked good. No fever. Lungs sounded clear. As for those pesky bumps on her gums...just a couple of swollen spots on her gums. She definitely has a cold. The bumps don't have anything to do with the cold though. Considering she is eating OK and doesn't have a fever, we just wait out the cold. She is the cutest little sickly girl I have ever seen.
Right after I took the picture above, Madelyn sneezed and tooted simultaneously. I laughed. Luke laughed. I could hardly stop laughing. Madelyn pouted. She puffed out that bottom lip and pouted. Apparently she does not like being laughed at.
The pouty lip didn't last long, but neither did any smiles.
Right after this she spit up on me in a really big way. It made me so thankful that she does not spit up much (and that she never has spit up like this before). Apparently it's pretty common with reflux babies. Madelyn is anything but common. She has not done much by the books.

Earlier this evening we took a little family siesta. An unplanned siesta at like 7pm. We were all snoozing. Supposedly my mom called and I answered. "Bladhaba sha". I spoke gibberish. Ha. That's why it is not a good idea to answer the phone when you are asleep. Good thing it was Mom :) Now Luke and I are awake...but not so awake that we won't be able to go back to sleep. Madelyn is still asleep.

In fact, she is asleep in her Nap Nanny, hooked to her apnea monitor, with her baby monitor at her side in our room. We are in the living room. I can't believe she is in there and we are in here. I know that most people would have done this like the first month or so...but not in this house. However, she has not so much as made a peep. She is sleeping sweetly on her own. It feels so strange for her to be in another room. I know that it's a good thing. Just a little overwhelming for this anxious mom.

Jesus said to him, " 'If you can'! All things are possible for one who believes." Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, "I believe; help my unbelief!"
-Mark 9:23-24

I can relate. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.

It seems so many times I say that I trust Him. That He is in control. That He is watching over my sweet baby girl. Yet time and time again I am surprised when He comes through. When she is protected and provided for in mighty ways. How foolish of me.


  1. I hope you and Madelyn both start to feel better very soon!! I can so relate to you with your last paragragh. I find myself saying that over and over again....why do I get surprised when He is there, something I really need to work on!
    I LOVE all the hats you are putting on Madelyn...they are so cute and she looks so darling in them!!

  2. Wow! Your pics are amazing! I love all of Maddie's hats! They are so cute which is appropriate since she is super duper cute! I'm so proud of her and yall for letting her sleep alone in the other room! Kelsey and I can't wait to have another play day with you guys very soon!
    Love and blessings, Lori


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