Monday, July 25, 2011

These pickles will change yo' life.

While checking out at Wal-Mart a few months ago, Luke and couldn't help but laugh when our friendly checker said, "Oh my! These will change yo' life! Have you ever had these?". We both immediately looked down to see a jar of dill pickles in her hand. Again she said, "These pickles will change yo' life! I got them on my lunch break one day and they are so good. Just wait. They will surely change yo' life!".

Honestly, I'm not sure if I even tried one of those pickles (I'm not a huge fan). The enthusiasm of the checker has definitely provided quite a few laughs over the last few months though!

While the pickles didn't change my life, I clearly heard the girl's voice saying that when my mom showed me this awesome pineapple slicer she bought all the girls in the family. All I can say is, it will change yo' life! Haha. Seriously...I am in love.

The pictures say it all. It makes cutting up a fresh pineapple easy peasy!

You just twist the little gadget until you get to the bottom (it's super easy to do).

And then pull it out.

You should get one. It will change yo' life. Ha! Not really, but it is awesome!

P.S. I wrote this post because I want to. No one paid me or told me to. Thanks for buying me one Mom!

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