Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cousin Sleepover and Date Night

Madelyn had her first sleepover at her cousins' house last night! She was having so much fun that she didn't feel the need to go to sleep until after 11pm (Sorry Marlo and Jarrod).
They had fun playing doctor, singing, dancing, and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It was MK's first time to watch Mickey and she has been talking about it non stop. I need to check to see if they have it on Netflix or else I will have to buy her a DVD. It was one of my favorite shows when I was little so I am glad she likes it!

When Luke and I went to pick her up just before lunch time all the girls were bandaged up. I love the strips over their noses!

Thanks for taking pictures, Marlo!

Luke and I went to BJ's Brewhouse for dinner, grabbed some free TCBY (thanks to a gift certificate I had) and some free Redbox movie rentals (thanks to the guy in line behind us who gave us a coupon code). It was such a fun (and cheap) date night!
MK can't wait for more cousin sleepovers!

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