Tuesday, October 2, 2012

welcome October

After dance class yesterday, we joined some friends at the zoo. We made a quick pit stop at the house to change clothes. Madelyn insisted on wearing this dress, her boots and wanted to wear one of my old necklaces. I love that she has her own little style coming through but sometimes it makes getting ready interesting (which is code for frustrating and difficult).
She was so excited to run around with all of her friends. When we made it to the mountain lion exhibit I was ready to run. It was so worked up and seemed to have an eye on MK.
 It lunged at the glass and MK jumped back so fast she went down to her bottom. I ran.

I love that she is still so fascinated. She has such a love for animals!

It was beautiful weather and the perfect morning for a stroll around the zoo with friends. Welcome October, we have been waiting for you all year!

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