Saturday, January 19, 2013


We have a circle driveway at our house. Luke usually pulls up in front of the garage (which is big enough to hold a micro machine and not much more-anyone else have a garage built in 1950??) and I park somewhere along the circle drive.
I just take the most direct path to the front door which usually includes walking through the grass. However, Madelyn always takes the sidewalk. Thursday as we were walking to the car before school I asked her why she doesn't like to walk through the grass. She looked up at me and quickly returned my question with one of her own, "Why don't you ever walk on the sideWALK?" Heavy emphasis on walk.

I laughed a little to myself as she took the long way via the sidewalk to the car and I cut across the grass.

Once she was buckled in her seat and we were on our way to school she said, "It's OK if you don't do it the right way Mommy. Not everyone knows that sidewalks are for walking."

I love this kid. She makes me laugh constantly and always chooses the way that she knows to be right. I love that about her.

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