Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have a feeling that...

most of my posts -for the next few months at least or PM (pre-Madelyn) as I like to call it- will come to life in the wee hours of the am when my prego body refuses to sleep! I am clinging to the hope that due to my crazy sleep schedule during my second & third trimesters, I will be more than ready for the middle of the night feedings, crying @ 3 am, & sleepless nights in general! But who am I kidding??

Over the last few days I have been overwh
elmed by the magnitude of this adventure we have embarked on. Luke & I have been "Luke & Kathryn" since the beginning of our senior year in high school. I have been blessed to spend the last 6 years hanging out with my best friend- serving together, laughing at each other & growing closer with each passing day. I would be lying if I said that there isn't a part of me that is sad to see this time in our lives come to somewhat of a close.
At the same exact time...my heart is overjoyed with this gift that God is entrusting to us. I cannot wait to be a family of 3, to share this life with one more, and to experience the joys of discovering what God has for us in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

I know that the time Luke & I have been blessed with together up to this point is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am anxious to make more memories together & I am so excited that they will include one more.

Madelyn Kate, I look forward to the day I hold you in my arms.



  1. Ohhhhh, I am sooo excited that you have started a blog!!

    Your devotion to the Lord and to you family is so beautiful!! Madelyn could not be born to better parents!!!

    Even though the blogger in me hopes for many, many more posts, I refuse to be so selfish and instead, I hope and pray for many nights of good sleep for you!!

  2. So you joined the blogging world...it's about time!:) You need a place to show off all of the beautiful pictures you take. I can't wait to see pictures of Madelyn!


Thank you for the comment love! :)

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