Thursday, August 1, 2013

he's a good man

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of one day walking down the aisle on the most magical day of my life towards a perfect man. Almost six years ago, I did walk down the aisle on a day that means more to me than any other single day of my life towards this man, but he isn't perfect.

In the 13 years that I have known him, our relationship probably hasn't had very many Hollywood screen worthy romance scenes. Our attempts at over-the-top-fairy-tale-special, usually end in bumping heads when we lean in for a kiss or spilling drinks in each other's laps.

But his love for me is real.

He went to no less than 15 different stores with me to find the shirt with the perfect shade of pink to match my dress to wear to our senior prom.

He is the man who walked me across campus in college in the rain on a day when he didn't even have class because he knew I stayed up all night the night before finishing an important project and he didn't want it to get wet.

He humors all of my odd requests to stop at hole in the wall businesses to look for little treasures to decorate our house with and sometimes he even seeks out new places for us to continue the search.

He forgives me when I have spoken out of line, acted in ways that I later regret even before I regret them or made a mistake.

He stood by me in the hospital when I was too weak to stand after having a c-section and held my hand so that I could shower.

He makes me laugh until it hurts almost on a daily basis.

He is slow to anger.

He plays for hours on end with our daughter, takes her on dates and enjoys each moment he spends with her.

He desires for above all else, my heart to be set on Christ.

This man stays up late with his night owl wife watching old, cheesy episodes of our Netflix pick of the month until the wee hours of the morning.

He cheers me on in my endeavors and wants me to pursue my gifts, dreams and talents.

He held my hand as I walked through my Grandmother's house for the very last time.

He works hard, even if that means working multiple jobs, so that I can be at home with our daughter.

He is the man that pursues me simply to let me know that he deeply cares for me.

He does the dishes after most meals, puts Madelyn to bed every night and joyfully serves our family.

He is humble, hardworking, selfless, funny and passionate.

He isn't perfect. He isn't the make believe man that I dreamed of from an early age. He is much better. He is real.

He's a good man. I am thankful for you, Luke Bilberry. So very thankful.

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