Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Day Club

The student ministry at our church is having a 5 day club at a local park. It is so awesome to see the students from both campuses come together and serve. Madelyn and I joined them until lunch time (I hadn't packed her anything) and I am so glad we did. I saw several kids that went to the elementary school where I worked before we had Madelyn. I loved that and was also in total shock that they could have possibly grown that much. Time flies!

The first hour and a half we were there we just hung out with the kids at the park. Madelyn was Miss Independent. She wasn't concerned at all about where I was and had a blast playing with new friends.
I love how social she is. I love how much she loves people. She is such a joyful little human being and even at a young age, that joy and enthusiasm for life is contagious.

I only took a few pics with my iPhone for that first part of our time there.
I got my camera out when they started the planned portion.

There were some fun games.
Madelyn sat amongst all the kids. She has no idea she is two or that they are much older.
Then there was music. I was so impressed with all of the students. They led the entire morning and did such an amazing job. God is using them in mighty ways and I know it will only continue throughout the week.
Madelyn decided she was two again and ran like a wild child.
She found a buddy her size and they clapped along to the music together.
Hearing such a young student sharing about having a relationship with Jesus, what it has meant for them and offering life to a group of peers was humbling. Aside from church, the last time I shared Jesus with one of my peers was at least two months ago. I know that their words and efforts and relationship building was meant to impact the lives of the kids at the park, but it impacted mine. It challenged me and made me think about moments I had let slip by in the last few weeks when I could have been bold in sharing my faith.
Madelyn began to stray from the group and I knew it was probably time to go. She was hot, hungry and getting tired. Of course we had to climb and slide one last time.

I am praying these students make as big of an impact on the sweet kids they meet at the park this week as they did on my life! It's such a blessing to be a part of Bethel Bible Downtown.

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