Monday, July 30, 2012

water girl

Dear Madelyn,
A few weeks ago we spontaneously bought a few plants on a family trip to Home Depot. I love plants. I think they are beautiful. I dream of gardens full of flowers. I like a pretty yard. But, let's just be really honest, I don't like yard work and I never remember to water them. So...none of those things that I love are a reality at our house except a pretty yard and that is only because Daddy takes care of that.
We were a little hesitant to spend any money on something we were sure I would end up killing, but we went for it when we saw a plant that boasted it kept mosquitoes away. You were so excited.
Since then we have tried our best to water as often as our little plants need. You are such a big helper and you love to do it all by yourself. I think these plants might actually survive since you are the one taking care of them!
You fill up the watering can to the top, try to pick it up, dump some out because it is too heavy, try again, water the plants and repeat.

Sometimes you get distracted and water the yard.

Just today we added watering the flowers to your list of chores (more on that another time).

Watching you experience life is just plain awesome. You want to do everything all by yourself. Your desire for independence is a constant reminder that you are no longer my little baby. You are a sweet little girl who is soaking new things in each day.

This afternoon, obviously, I followed you with my camera as you watered. You just went about your business, but right before we went in you asked, "Can we print those for my room? I love to water the plants and I want to look at them in my room." You are so smart.

I love you.

I love life through your eyes.

I love the little girl you are becoming each day.

You are my sunshine.


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  1. Hey girl, I am going to need the name of the anti-mosquito plants! We need a bunch of them around our house! We went to the store the other day and out of everything KMC had to choose from, she chose a pink watering can. She calls it a "flower power!" Well since we don't have ANY plants, she keeps it in the bathtub and we water the imaginary flowers in the tub....EVERY night! Gotta love this age!!!! MK looks absolutely beautiful! I love her boho chic fashion sense! She is so presh!!!!


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