Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bitter Berry Craft Night

Madelyn and I had a fun morning baking cupcakes and cleaning up around the house. She LOVES to help and I enjoy having her by my side so it works out perfectly.

The best part about my little baking buddy is, hands down, that she loves to do the dishes!
While MK was napping, I got busy setting up for my Bitter Berry Boutique craft night. Per the request of a few, I scheduled three craft nights for this month. Two to teach boutique bow making and fabric headbands and the other to make photo canvasses with mod podge!

I can't believe I took lots of set up pictures but none during the craft night! Not one. We had a full house so I was pretty busy. I learned a few things to do better the next time and that nerves can wait to creep up the very second you get started, but I had lots of fun! Most importantly, I hope everyone else did too!
Madelyn stayed up waaaaaayyyyy too late. She and Luke went out to eat then to Grandma and Grandpa's before coming home. I wanted to spend a little time with her before she went to bed. BAD call. She woke up so stinking grumpy this morning!
Watching her run around the house delirious at 10pm might just have been worth it though!

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  1. I am so jealous! I would have loved to join ya'll at craft night! Sounds like a blast :)


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