Friday, August 26, 2011

Insta-Friday {version 2.0}

MK pushed the "shopper in training" cart for the first time at Fresh. Of course she loved it. The only thing she was less than thrilled about was the fact that we didn't let her fill it up. Ha!
I got started on some fall items for Bitter Berry Boutique!
MK watched a couple of shows on the iPhone in between Luke and I after waking up at 4:30am.
How did we survive without a video monitor??
One of my favorite parts of my typical day (everyday) is our time together playing in MK's room.

On the way out the door to go play with a friend...
MK thinks she has to bring the whole house every time we leave. It's so stinking cute though so we let her!

Got to hold this little guy again.
MK and I took Emily to ballet class. She was precious and Madelyn was ready to run out there with her.
Once Madelyn got restless we went back to the car. Madelyn helped herself to see what was leftover in Em's lunchbox!
It actually rained. Not just a little sprinkle, a solid downpour!
 The sunset and cooler evening that followed was amazing.

While Madelyn painted and ate breakfast, I got supplies ready for canvas craft night.
I asked MK what she wanted to do this afternoon. She requested a bath with "yots" (lots) of bubbles. Wish granted.

What a busy/fun/wild/good week!

life rearranged


  1. your daughter is presh!! love the ballet class shot!

  2. how adorable is she?? And i love how well you capture your week with all the photos!
    (came over from instafriday linky!)


  3. So precious! I love her outfit for your store outing, and the "yots" of bubbles!

  4. Daling pictures. And black, orange and purple are so cute together aren't they??


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