Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"I love you"

"Mommy, baby girl is sleeping. Be quiet puhleeeeaaaaase. SHHHH!!!!"
 "Kisses for the baby girl. I love you. Get some rest."

 "Let me put on your clothes. Hold still."
"Want to bounce?"
 "Let's read a book together. I like this one."
"That's it. The end. Want to read it, mommy?"
How in the world did my little baby turn in to a toddler that can articulate just about anything she wants to say?? Where has the time gone? Someone? Anyone? Time stand still, please.

For a few weeks now Madelyn's ability to make full length sentences has just exploded. For some reason, I am surprised by it most of the time still. Luke and I catch ourselves laughing at all the unexpected things she says.

She's sweet with her words one minute and bossy the next. She is such a polite little thing though and says, "Yes ma'am/sir and no ma'am/sir" unprompted now. While that's enough to make a mommy proud, my favorite thing she says is, "I love you".

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  1. Bren tells me she loves me several times a day. Can't get enough. Love it! With Maddie starting to say full sentences her comedy level ought to go up a couple notches. They are so funny at two.


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