Friday, August 19, 2011


life rearranged

The hubs has been using Instagram on his iPhone for a long time. After my usual, "that's so lame" spiel, I came around and realized he was right.  I jumped on the band wagon many months ago and never looked back. I loooove it and take pictures using that app daily. Sometimes I share the pics here or on facebook so I thought it would be fun to link up over at Life Reaaranged for Insta-Friday!

Here goes nothing...our week insta-style:

MK has been eyeing the pool a lot lately. We had a yucky yellow algae that visited with all the super hot weather so she has been missing it. I'm thinking we are due for a swim this weekend for sure!
We went for a sweet treat at DQ with Emily. They laughed and played and ate ice cream of course.

One of MK's new favs is painting. We paint almost every other day around here.
Emily loved it too. The tongue sticking out while concentrating is hereditary. Her daddy (my bro) passed it down.

Madelyn is obsessed with dice.

"Roll, roll, roll the dice!"
MOPS summer play date at Discovery Science Place.
Madelyn's favorite play area is the nursery. She is such a little momma.
We have had a couple of late nights around here lately where we've gotten home past MK's 7:45pm bed time. She definitely starts crashing at 8:30 or so.

Sleepy girl.
My sweet friend Mariann gave birth to Jackson Paul on the 8th. I got to hold him again. Goodness gracious this boy is sweet. He is super cute like his big brother and has the loudest, most adorable sneezes I have ever heard a little person make. I love him already!
We had our second Bitter Berry Boutique "For the Love of Crafting" night. I had a great time teaching some awesome ladies how to make boutique hair bows, fabric flowers and headbands!
Such a great week!


  1. can't go wrong with a week of painting and ice cream! Looks like a fun week!

  2. Love the painting! Looks like a good week.


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