Friday, June 22, 2012

Brad & Megan are married!

Luke joined us in Houston yesterday afternoon so that he and I could head to the rehearsal and dinner for his good friend's wedding. We've been friends with Brad since high school and he was one of Luke's groomsmen as well. It was so good to catch up with friends and have an evening out with my man (thanks Rachel)!

The reception had so many personal details. I loved it!

I took more pics of the rehearsal than I did at the wedding because I wasn't wrangling my little two year old that night. I've seen Luke do this for several weddings, but watching him walk down the aisle with someone else is just weird! Ha!
The daisies on the tables were so simple but so perfect!
Megan looked stunning and it was fun to watch the two of them interact! That's by far my favorite part of weddings...watching newlyweds interact! Does that sound creepy? I always watch the groom when the bride walks down the aisle. I guess I'm just a sucker for romance!
I hate that this is a mix of phone pics and camera pics but it is what it is! MK and I sat in the car until just before the wedding started. I wanted her to get all her wiggles out before we were out there. I just knew that when she saw Luke she would scream, "DADDY!!" but she was really good!
I love this girl!
MK and Daddy watching the first dance! So sweet!
Madelyn loved dancing with the "princess"! I am pretty sure that made her night!
Madelyn LOVES to dance! She was on the dance floor all night long and the consolation for leaving was that we were going to another wedding the next day!
We are so excited for Brad and Megan! Marriage is such an incredible gift and we are hoping that their first five years are as amazing as ours have been!

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