Friday, June 29, 2012

Tonight in Lubbock...

Can you believe that all of this took place well after eight o'clock pm???
Madelyn and I played with chalk in the driveway. We made up our own hopscotch maze and she loved it. It nearly caused an asthma attack, but thankfully she seems to know when to quit. Gigi joined us and she and Madelyn made fun shapes with the chalk stencils.
There is a little wheat field next to their house that I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of Madelyn in at sunset.
I watched as the sun began to fade and we decided to make a run for it and take the pictures.
Right when we got out there the sun disappeared behind a cloud and most of the gorgeous orange tones were gone.
We will have to try again another night. The sunsets here are beautiful. Beautiful sunset plus a beautiful girl is sure to mean a beautiful picture!

I love this sweet little face.

Then we rode down the road to one of Papa's friend's stable to feed his horses.
Madelyn did this the other night but this was my first time to ride along. She loved the horses and had absolutely no fear!

Can you believe all of that took place well after eight in the evening (MK's normal bed time)? We got back to the house from feeding the horses just after 9:30pm! I can't believe how late it is before the sun goes down out here!

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