Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lubbock Attractions

This morning after breakfast we set out to see some of Lubbock's attractions!
All week I have been hearing Luke's family mentioning Prairie Dog Town. I am not sure exactly what I envisioned PDT to be, but this definitely wasn't it. It was much more simple than I thought and it was exactly as the name describes...a prairie dog town. 
There were prairie dogs all over the little fenced in "town". They squealed, went in to their holes and stood straight up to look around.
Madelyn had fun pointing to them and listening to them squeal.

Some of them even fought over Cheetos for lunch!
Up next was the windmill farm. It was pretty interesting to see so many different types of windmills together and to see all the older ones next to the newer wind turbine. The sheer size of the newer ones is incredible!
Madelyn had fun exploring while we were there!

So if you ever make a trip to Lubbock, Texas be sure to check out Prairie Dog Town and the Windmill Farm just across the street!

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