Friday, June 29, 2012

the sweetest wedding

Saturday morning we left Houston and headed to Austin for another special wedding. BJ, one of Luke's students from Martin's Mill married his beautiful college sweetheart. The words spoken at the ceremony were so powerful. They were encouraging, challenging and full of truth.

The details of the evening were perfect but I only managed to take these three pictures.
Seeing two young people so in love and so alive in Christ just makes you smile and draws you closer to Jesus.
I am so thankful that we were able to be there and witness the joining of these two and I look forward to watching their family grow through the years. We left before it was over (I am the one in the family that likes to stay until the newlyweds leave) because MK was so stinkin' tired from two weddings in a row, but it was so fun to watch them have the time of their lives together!

MK had a blast dancing with her Daddy again! One of BJ's sisters orchestrated a flash mob in the weeks before the wedding and all the guests learned it via Vimeo. It was pretty much the most fun moment at any reception I've ever been to simply because of how BJ and Sara's faces lit up. You can watch the video on the videographer's blog here: and if you look closely you can spot my two favorite people! Luke and another guy were joking that they didn't have a video that showed how to pull off the dance while holding a 30 pound toddler!

Happy Wedding Day to two precious people!


  1. Haha!! I spotted Luke and Madelyn! That is seriously the coolest thing I've ever seen done at a reception! What fun!

  2. That is the COOLEST thing! Loved it!


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