Thursday, June 28, 2012

simple and sweet.

MK and I are on day five of our two week excursion to West Texas to spend time with Gigi, Papa, Great Granny and Aunt Kenda. That combined with the week we spent in Houston with my sister before that, we've been away from the "new house" longer than we've been in it since we've lived there.

Madelyn may or may not be slightly confused as to where "home" is at this point.


MK: "I like my new home but I wish Daddy was here."
Me: "We are just visiting Gigi and Papa's house. We live at the Wilma house in Tyler with Daddy. We will be back soon."
MK: "I have a room here and a bed and toys and food and Buddy and Piggy. I like my new home, but I sure do miss my Daddy."

I am not sure she actually remembers the new house! So it was no surprise to me when we went outside this afternoon just the two of us that she talked about Daddy non stop.

"I bet he would love to play chalk with me."
 "I think he likes blue. That's his favorite color mom (whatever happened to mommy???)."
 "Daddy likes popsicles too."
She's the most precious little girl. She loves her Daddy so much and I am so thankful for the joy he brings to her life. We are both missing him and wish he was visiting with us, but we are having fun soaking up the West Texas shade (because the sun is too hot!) together.

I love shared moments like these. Hot days. Cool popsicles. Sidewalk chalk. Talking under a shade tree about whatever comes to her little mind. Pure and simple perfection in my book.
They are moments I just want to freeze forever.

Madelyn Kate, I love simple afternoons with you. Your fun loving personality combined with your vivid imagination make for the most entertaining stories and conversations. Sometimes I wish I could record them all, but I am most thankful just to be able to experience them. To soak them in as they take place.

Making memories with you is my favorite.

I love you, sweet girl. Always.


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