Monday, June 20, 2011

an afternoon in the country

 MK and I spent the afternoon in Martin's Mill. Driving down the winding road that leads to where Luke and I had our first home as husband and wife always makes me smile. Madelyn fell asleep just as we were pulling up to the three way stop (which is new since we were there) right before the only gas station/restaurant. At first I was a little disappointed and then I decided to just drive around and remember.

Luke and I had so many fun days there together. 

Madelyn and I parked under a shade tree in one of my favorite spots. I read a book. She napped. It was great.

After her nap, we visited with friends. I forgot to take pictures, until we made it to Rex and Judy's house. While Luke and I lived in Martin's Mill, we spent many nights around their dining room table. Talking. Laughing. Luke drinking all their Dr. Peppers.

It's always a joy to go back and Madelyn had so much fun.

 Judy has a beautiful garden. I'm sure MK was thinking, "What are those things?", considering I can't even keep two potted plants alive.

 I thought it was so cute when Judy sat Madelyn in the birdbath.

 She adored Rex and the swing set too.

 Despite the hot temperatures, it was actually really pleasant in the shade. MK soaked up the outside time.
 After seeing what a few minutes in the hammock did in the way of making Madelyn sleepy, I'm thinking we need to invest in one! She would have fallen asleep if we gave her a few more minutes!
 It was a fantastic afternoon. I'll take an afternoon in the country any day, especially at the Presley's house!

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