Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I was little I looked forward to Saturday mornings more than any other day of the week. One or all of my siblings and I had some type of sporting event every Saturday morning practically year round, but that wasn't why I looked forward to Saturdays. Saturday mornings meant one thing to me...cooking for the whole family with my mom. I think I can attribute my love for breakfast foods from those Saturday morning dates with my mom. We made every family member whatever they wanted to eat.

As I was able to do more to help, I remember anxiously awaiting each holiday because I knew it meant that we would have a reason to bake together.

Those are memories that I have dreamt about sharing with Madelyn.

And then today it happened. She stirred the batter, put the baking cups in place a tried to sneak bites.

I've always had dreams about this day and it was even more extraordinary than I could have possibly imagined.

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  1. So sweet! Those were some of my favorite memories as well. I made Brian my mom's pancakes the other night and thought about those memories.
    I love the way the apron is 12x too big on Madelyn! Precious!


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