Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is there hope??

I have always had a love for photography. Photographs of those I love are my favorite form of art in my home. Every day since Madelyn was born I have taken pictures of her with my Digital SLR that my hubs had the whole family go in on the first Christmas we were married. I think I've used it every single day since.

Two weeks ago MK and I were taking an afternoon dip in the pool. My phone, camera and her fruit snacks were in a bag being shaded under a chair. Until she got hungry and wanted a snack. I was sitting on the steps somewhat distracted by a neighbor who walked over to say hi and Madelyn was getting in to the bag. I'm not really sure what happened, but all I remember is hearing her say, "Snack please Mommy" and then seeing the bag splash in to the pool.

Out floated the iPhone. Out floated the camera. And of course the fruit snacks too.

My phone, after 24 hours submerged in rice, survived. No problems at all.

My camera was a different story. It wouldn't turn on. The viewfinder was full of water. And it was almost impossible to push some of the buttons.

Honestly, it was a little emotional. I know this is going to sound lame, but I had photographed some of the most tender moments of the last three and half years with that camera. Our first Christmas together, some of the first pictures of our niece Allison, the day we found out we were expecting, the night we shared the news with my unsuspecting family, and of course our entire journey to this point with our precious Madelyn Kate. On top of that, I had committed to going to Uganda in October and that camera was my way of raising money to go.

Don't get me wrong, as much as I talked about it and hoped that it would work, I knew that it wasn't the end of the world. I'm thankful that my phone is capable of taking pictures so I don't miss capturing the sweet little moments of our daily life with Madelyn. Since then I have carried my camera with me still out of habit and in hopes that it would work again.

Then today it did. It came on for more than just a flicker. We were even able to take some pictures with it! The lens that sunk with it seems to be a goner and it has a hard time focusing part of the time, but there is a little hope that maybe it will come back to life! Ha!

If not, that's OK too. Just because the moments aren't photographed, does not mean they are not savored and enjoyed!


  1. That's awful!!! I really hope it comes back to life for you. Since the lens is ruined, now you have an excuse to get a nicer one right?! :)

    A year ago I went to visit my brother in Pittsburgh and stupidly did not put my camera in the camera bag and carry with me on the plane (I was toting a 5 month old with me & didn't want one more thing to worry about). So I just tucked the camera in my clothes and checked my bag. Well... after I got home from the trip, I pulled out the camera and there was a HUGE crack in the screen on the back and I could view anything. I was so sick about it!

    I'm so sorry!! Maybe God will resurrect it... :)

  2. BTW, now I ALWAYS carry on my camera in it's bag onto the plane with me. Lesson learned. LOL!


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