Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what we've been up to...bullet style

  •  I'm in total disbelief that we purchased these. However, MK seems to be ready. We haven't put the cute panties that Grandma bought on yet, but we are just waiting to have a few days at home since there will be lots to clean up! She knows when it's time to go and usually gives me enough warning to run her to the bathroom as fast as I can! Way to go, Maddie Kate!
  •  After being with friends and family non-stop for over two weeks, MK and I spent the afternoon together on Tuesday. Just the two of us. It was a much needed Mommy-Daughter date. I love my time with this sweet girl and was craving some one-on-one time. We went to eat her favorite chicken nuggets at Chick-fil-A and did a little window shopping too.
  •  She has really gotten sneaky and tries to get a sip of our drinks whenever she can! What a mess!
  •  Bath time at the Bilberry house consists of lots of splashing, water crayons and singing. I think I enjoy it just as much as she does.
  •  After bath time, MK watched out her bedroom window as Daddy mowed. Every time he came around, she would start screaming and banging on the window! It was precious. She sure loves her Daddy.
  •  This morning we went to Sam's Club to print pictures. MK insisted that her baby be buckled up. Safety first, right?
  • After a fun long day I got to hold this sleepy girl after she begged to watch Elmo instead of take a nap. Apparently the need for a nap one, but I was thankful that I got to hold my sleeping baby girl.

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