Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Bash Begins

Technically it started last the title of this post is off a little. Despite that, after picking my Grandma up at the airport on our way home from Luke's meetings, we had a little low key celebration with family for Luke and Mom. Spending time with family is the best.

Madelyn helped her MeeMaw Fee unpack while we waited on everyone to show up. Since Grandma will be here for just under a month, we converted Madelyn's crib to full size. Our guest bedroom requires going up and down stairs so we decided since Madelyn doesn't sleep in her bed anyway, someone should!

We all had a good time over pizza, games and of course...birthday cake! All five of them have birthdays within eight days of each other. Craziness.
We decided to give Madelyn a little birthday cake to see how she liked it.
This girl didn't waste any time at all.
She dug right in and quickly discovered that the best part was the icing. Yum!

She is going to have no trouble on Saturday figuring out what to do with her smash cake!

The funniest part of it all is that she ate just about all the icing off of the top. As for the cake itself, she took a few bites then chunked it on to the floor!

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  1. She's got it down! The icing is the best part. Love you all. - Sara


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