Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Logan's Birthday Party

One of my friends from MOPS has a little boy that shares Luke's birthday. It's been fun watching a little one that's only a week older than Madelyn grow. He's always one step ahead so when I read her blogs I know what is coming next! His first birthday party was on Saturday and Madelyn had a lot of fun.I think Madelyn was on kid overload! Ha! She just sat and stared at everyone for the first thirty minutes. I loved seeing all of he little ones running around. So many unique little personalities all in one room.
She finally started to loosen up and play. She really liked it when all the kids went outside and she had Logan's awesome little play area to herself. Ha! She isn't much for sharing yet!
I was so impressed with how well Logan opened all of his presents. He tore in to all of them and seemed to know exactly what to do!
I think my favorite part of first birthday parties is watching them eat their cake. He wasn't too sure about it and once he got some on his hands he started flinging it all over the living room. It was pretty funny. The whole time that was going on Madelyn was busy playing. He had a little red wagon that she kept trying to climb in to. She made it once but I think the climbing attempts were more fun for her.
Being at that birthday party made it that much more real that our little girl is going to be one very soon! It's so hard to believe but I am excited for her all at the same time!

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