Saturday, September 18, 2010

Luke's Birthday

Thursday was my sweet husband's birthday. He is the big 25 now (woo-hoo for cheaper car insurance)! He had some meetings to go to in Dallas so I decided to tag along. After going back and forth a thousand times, I finally convinced myself to leave Madelyn with my sister and mom so we could go childless. She had a blast (more on that later) and so did we.

There were about 15 other student pastors that Luke was meeting with to brainstorm and plan for camp next summer. When they were done meeting the first night I met up with them to go to Medieval Times.I definitely remembered it differently from when I was in middle school but we had a good time! How can you not enjoy terrible acting (our knight did win though!) and eating with no utensils in a smelly horse arena when you are with crazy student pastors? I have decided that their homes all must be as lively as ours. It comes with the territory I guess. Luke had never been so he had no clue what to expect. It was definitely an "out of the norm" birthday celebration for him!

After dinner we stopped at a Steak and Shake across from our hotel and had a little dessert!
One word: delicious!
Luke wanted to continue the entertainment that we enjoyed during dinner over in to our dessert time. He has some pretty awesome skills that would make any wife proud.

Happy Birthday Handsome!

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