Sunday, September 26, 2010

firestation playdate

Last Monday Madelyn and I joined some MOPS friends at the city park for a play date and tour of the local fire department. Madelyn loves to swing but we haven't been to the park in a while because she has one at home. I think for her, the only thing better than swinging is swinging with friends.
I have loved being involved in my MOPS group and I am enjoying the fact that Madelyn is finally at the age where she can enjoy playing with the other munchkins! We have lots of fun days planned that we are looking forward to this fall!

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  1. I hope sweet Maddie Kate had a wonderful Birthday! I am so thankful for her little life and for the opportunity to be a part of watching God take care of her even through the really scary times. Praying that He continues to protect her and that she will grow to have an undivided heart for Him. I know that He has big plans for your special girl!


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