Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emily & Allison's Birthday Party

Dear Madelyn,
Sunday afternoon was Emily and Allison's birthday party. It was at Jump N' Jacks (which is a big warehouse full of inflatables) and there were so many kids!You weren't too sure what to think at first, but once cousin Emily came over you were all smiles. I love that you love your cousins and that they love you. I hope that you always have a close bond and enjoy being around each other.
You three can be wild and crazy at times but then there are sweet moments when you share a big hug!
All of the munchkins were having so much fun playing and for the most part you just watched for a while.

They had a really cool party room and since we had never been there we went in to check it out. Allison was inspecting her cake with Grandma. She even performed a little quality control (shhh...don't tell anyone).
Being at their party with you was like getting a glimpse ahead to future birthday parties. Oh my! Chaos, laughter, lots of energy and sweet little friends. Birthdays have always been a big celebration in my family so I know we will enjoy planning special parties for you!

Aunt Marlo took you down the slide. I think your face tells how you felt about it! Ha. Maybe next time?
The Great Grandmas in attendance seemed to have a good time. I think they were just jealous and wanted to jump, but they both just laughed when I told them that. Someday you will learn about courtesy laughs. After I told them that they were jealous because they wanted to be the ones jumping, I got not one, but TWO courtesy laughs. Talk about insult.
Your Grandma is just a big kid! She went down the slide with the big girls and you clapped and cheered them on from below.
Your smile is so precious! It always lights up the room.

Aunt Marlo and Grandma made the awesome cakes! I think they are going to help (which really means do all the work) with yours. I am going to attempt your smash cake on my own, but we will leave the big ones to the experts.
Happy Birthday Emily & Allison!

Daddy fed you a little bit of cake. With all these nibbles you've had, you are really going to be excited when we give you your own cake on Saturday!
I am not sure you will ever have as many friends as they do (just kidding!).

After the party we went back to Aunt Marlo and Uncle Jarrod's to let the girls open their presents from family. I thought you were going to crash, but you didn't miss a thing. You watched Emily and Allison open their gifts and you even tried to help them some.

Emily loved her outfit to match Kit's (her American Girl doll)!
You kept wanting to see what Alli was doing. I was surprised you didn't get pushed out of the way considering you were crowding her space! I am sure that she will "pour" you lots of tea with her new tea set.
By your party you should have the whole birthday party thing down. Singing, cake, should definitely know what to do after all the partying you have been doing lately!

Love you baby doll,

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