Wednesday, September 29, 2010

cutest little kitchen and a super cool trike

So I have been trying for a week to post about Madelyn's birthday party. I have narrowed it down to 90 pictures (which is remarkable considering between Aunt Rachel and I there were over 800). I am pretty sure that it may take a few days just to upload that many pictures! It makes me crazy to do things out of order (which is one reason I have been terrible at keeping up with Madelyn's scrapbook), but I guess I just have to get over it!

Sunday after church Madelyn had so much fun playing with her new toys with Gigi, Papa, Great Granny and Aunt Kenda. She absolutely loves her new kitchen (thanks Gigi & Papa). She spends a lot of time these days standing in that spot playing with her pots, pans and lots of play food! As you can tell from the pictures, some of the party decorations were still up (until today actually!). I think it's so fun to decorate for parties but sometimes I am a bit on the slow side at taking them down! Oh well...Madelyn didn't seem to mind.

Madelyn also loved her new trike (thanks Grandma & Grandpa). It will convert with her until she is able to pedal on her own, but for now the safety harness and foot rest are perfect! Luke wheels her around the house so fast and she just giggles in delight the whole time.
I have the cutest videos of her riding by waving "bye-bye" and blowing kisses as she goes. So stinking cute.

Despite the fact that we requested no gifts, she has so many new fun things to play with!

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