Sunday, March 11, 2012

my spunky princess

Dear Madelyn,
When we walked through the door after church this morning, you immediately ran back to your bedroom. We were about to turn right around and head to lunch, all I needed to do was a quick change. Five minutes later I was ready to go and found you just like this in your rocking chair. I managed to convince you to leave the hat, necklaces and glove at home, but the Tinker Bell costume was not coming off. Rather than make a big deal out of it, I let you wear it in the car. I thought you might be ready to take it off when we got to lunch. That wasn't the case either.

You wore it to lunch (and received several puzzled looks as I received sympathetic smiles from moms) and were so proud!

I adored the pink and brown polka dot dress you had on underneath. You looked so precious, like a little lady. You felt like a princess though when you put on that costume and it made all those funny looks worth it!

Love you and your spunky little personality!


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