Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let the park days begin...

Madelyn and I were going to go to Canton this morning (most awesome flea market ever), but she woke up super early again and I was worried that her ear infections were still lingering. I decided to get in touch with the doctor's office and hang out in town in case we needed to take her in. She is usually a fantastic sleeper, but has consistently woken up the last several nights and not seemed to have slept as peacefully when she is out. Over the last couple of days I have asked her if her ears hurt (since she has no real symptoms except not sleeping well), but her response is, "Oh no, Mommy! My ears hurt. I need to go see Dr. Barret!". When I asked her which one hurt she didn't know and then she would start to tell me about her leg or her arm hurting. Ha! Apparently the kid likes her pedi!

We met some friends at the park while we waited for the prescription to be filled at Target. Side note: I love Target's pharmacy. It's cheap. They're friendly and fast. And most importantly, I can roam around my favorite store while I wait.

Anyways, Madelyn had fun at the park. For the first half hour she played by herself. I am pretty sure she has an imaginary friend or two though because she was having full blown conversations at the top of one of the slides and the nearest kid was at least 32 feet away. Oh well, at least she has "friends".

She ate a few bites of her kid's Cliff bar and then stood up to dance for a while as her friends ate their lunches. This is the second day in a row that we have been with friends at lunch and the second day that she's the ringleader of the not-going-to-eat club. She is so different, but I know some day God is going to use all that for His glory. In the mean time, I try to smile through it.
The park we were at had two great, little sand boxes. Madelyn is just like me and doesn't love dirt between her toes. Notice how she's sitting up on the edge and playing with the sand safely from the side?
And of course we couldn't leave without checking out the free wildlife museum.
Madelyn saw an alligator and said, "Hey! It's a Cayman Alligator!" I don't know if it was a Cayman or not but I couldn't believe she remembered that word.

I thought it was funny that when we were leaving, all Madelyn's buddies were not ready to go home. Who would want to leave such a fun place? Madelyn on the other hand wanted to go home. She was mad we had to go to Target. She can definitely be a homebody some days!

I am hoping this antibiotic knocks out the ear infections once and for all!

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  1. Ah, yes! We love the "Dead Animal Zoo". We have been so many times that my kids could narrate a tour of the place. Not to mention the hundreds of pictures I have of the inside of that place. But I'm positive we'll go back again this summer!


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