Friday, March 16, 2012

Public Library Book Sale

One thing is for sure, I come from a family of book lovers. So does Luke. So far, Madelyn is turning in to quite the little book lover herself. The night before last my mom mentioned the local public library was having their annual book sale starting the next day so my sister and I decided to take Emily and Madelyn.

Rachel bought 60 books for her classroom for $30. Talk about a steal.

Madelyn, despite the fact that she has enough books to open a small library, bought nine books for under four dollars. She was so proud to pay with her quarters and was so excited about her new-to-her books.

As we were walking out, Madelyn started showing off her books to everyone who walked by. One of those people was a reporter from the newspaper and she interviewed us for a story that ran today. Despite the fact that she completely made up most of what I was quoted as saying (my sister and I laughed and were a little puzzled by that), what she said about Madelyn was sweet.

Book Lovers Turn Out For Bargains At Tyler Library Sale
Staff Writer
Tyler Morning Telegraph

Tiny Madelyn Bilberry, 2, was all dimples and smiles Thursday as she lugged a small shopping bag filled with colorful children's books out of the Tyler Public Library.
The bag seemed almost as large as the tot, who was eager to show off her purchases to passersby.
"I got a tiger book!" she gushed. "Look!"
The excited child was among dozens of people who showed up bright and early to take advantage of bargain basement prices offered during the library's annual book sale.
Armloads of good reads are up for grabs -- adult books for $1 and children's books for 50 cents.
On Sunday, the buys get even better -- $5 for an entire box; $2 for a bag.
Busy mom Kathryn Bilberry of Chandler said the sale provides affordable opportunities for parents to build their own home library.
"We really don't need any more books, but we think books are pretty special," said Ms. Bilberry, who is steadily growing a small stockpile of books to address Madelyn's emerging reading skills.
She found a treasure trove of children's literature for just a few bucks.
"It's very neat," Ms. Bilberry said, snapping a few photos of her daughter's joyous reaction. "Books are very precious."
Programming associate Evelyn McLane said this year's sale offers a wide selection from which to choose: history, travel, romance, sports, politics, education, religion, cooking, fitness, classics, folklore and children's to name a few.
"If you want it, we probably have it," she said. "We encourage people to fill and overfill their bags."
Proceeds from the event will be used to buy more books, officials said.
Sale hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and Saturday; and 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday.
Book enthusiasts can find the sale in the library's Taylor Auditorium, 201 S. College Ave.
On opening day, the line of people waiting to purchase books snaked through the lobby.
Houston elementary school teacher Rachel Bitter, aided by niece Emily, 7, emerged from the line carrying a box overflowing with books for young readers.
The educator was in the area visiting family and stopped by the sale to take a look.
"I teach second grade at a charter school in a low-income area," she said. "We don't have a library and most of the children don't have books at home."
Ms. Bitter said anytime she can buy books for a bargain she scoops them up, hoping to instill in her 15 students an early love of literacy.
"I got 60 books today and spent $30," she said. "That's a deal."
Library officials said they work all year long to amass quality selections for the annual sale, relying primarily on books that were donated or withdrawn from circulation.
The article continued on but you can click the link if you want to read the rest.

It was a fun way to spend the morning. Madelyn has loved reading her books since we brought them home. Her favorite is The Little Red Hen by far but she isn't quite sure why no one wanted to help. I love my little book lover!


  1. Maddy looks just like you in those pics.

  2. I love anyone who loves and appreciates books and the library! And 60 books for $30, LOVE IT!

  3. She is SO precious! I wish I would've known about the sale. Let me know next time, so I can tag along! Maddie is so adorable!!!!


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