Monday, March 12, 2012

park days: cousin style

We spent the morning at the park with the girls. My sister and I chatted while we watched the girls play.

Madelyn wanted to do everything her cousins were doing.

My brother brought his boat out to do a little fishing and took Emily and Allison out on it after they woke up from their naps. Madelyn was still napping while they went out or else she would have been melt down central. It was sweet to watch Jarrod with the girls from the back door (got to love zoom lenses).
I am having so much fun spending time with Rach and the girls while they are on spring break. As much fun as I am having, Madelyn is having ten times more. Every single morning she wakes up asking if she gets to see Emmy or Alli. Add Aunt Rachel and getting to see Grandma every day and she's on cloud nine! She's even seen Uncle Jarrod and Aunt Marlo more frequently than she has lately.

I am starting to think spring break is pretty fun after all!

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