Monday, March 5, 2012

park time

We have the greatest park about 10 minutes from our house. Madelyn loved playing at it for over an hour this morning. The only thing that would have made her love it more is if the other little boy playing there wanted to play with her. It was a meeting of little miss never-met-a-stranger and the most shy child I've ever met. She simply did not understand why he wouldn't look at her or talk to her.

Before we left, we played a game of I spy. She's getting so good at it. It was all fun and games until she said, "I spy with my little eyes a not nice little boy." Oh dear. When Luke and I have taught her that it's rude not to speak back to someone who speaks to you, it's hard to explain that her new would be park friend was not being rude.

It was a good learning time for my little extrovert.

It was also a good learning time for this mom!

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