Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29

It's leap day.

Here's a little leap day randomness:
  • We paint just about every single day around here. Today was no exception. 

  • I will be 30 years old when leap year rolls around again! 30?? It sounds so far away, but it's right around the corner. Sigh.
  • Madelyn has been talking about "growing up to be an astronaut" lately. "First, I have to go to school, then I get to be an astronaut and go to the moon." She is one bright little girl with lots of big dreams already.
  • We were playing in the yard this afternoon and I tripped. Fell face first in to the grass. Madelyn and I were laughing hysterically, then I looked up and saw my neighbor standing about 15 feet away. Pretty sure the blood in my face ran right down to my toes. Talk about embarrassing.
  • Luke and I watched Downton Abbey on Netflix. It's so good. First TV show that I have loved in a really long time. I never just watch a show. Usually I am doing something else at the same time because they can't hold my attention long enough to sit through them. However, we watched all the episodes on Netflix and then caught up to the ones on PBS's website and I just watched most of them while doing absolutely nothing else. So good.
  •  Somehow Madelyn has managed to leave voice messages for four friends lately. She loves to look at pictures on our phones and apparently now she loves to call people too. Amy called her back today and left her a little message of her own. MK loved it.
  • I accidentally sucked part of Madelyn's doll house birthday banner up in to my Dyson a few weeks ago. We took it apart as much as we could but with no luck in finding the banner. I desperately need to find a repair man. The hand held shark is not exactly cutting it around here.
  • My dad let us borrow one of his kayaks. Luke and I love it. I was pretty sure I would tip it over my first time out, but I surprisingly caught the hang of it really quickly.
  • Madelyn woke up at 5am. FIVE in the morning. In other words, too stinkin' early. She never wakes up that early. 
  • Not only did she wake up, she hit the ground running. And singing. And dancing. And eating. And giggling. She did each of those things within moments of being awake. 
  • I accidentally washed one of my favorite white shirts of Madelyn's with reds. It was tucked up in a red sweater and I missed it. I may or may not have shed a little tear before throwing it away. Lame, I know.
  • I found out that not only is tomorrow the first day of March, it's the beginning of "National Craft Month". How amazingly awesome is that?? Don't believe me? Google it.

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