Monday, February 13, 2012

Madelyn's box.

MK and I made a Valentine's box together. She loved decorating it and insisted that I put her whole name on the top. Lately she has started preferring to be called Madelyn rather than MK, Maddie or Maddie Kate. I actually love that of all the names everyone calls her, that is her favorite. Everyone tried to make me a Katie or Kathy growing up. It would (still sort of does) annoy me. So, I'm glad she loves Madelyn because I do too :)

Now she has the sweetest little box for all her love notes from Mommy and Daddy.
And because I can't resist her sweet excitement over cookie decorating...

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  1., ALL the time, you seem like the perfect mother. ;) It is so heart warming to hear about all the thoughtful things you do for your little girl.


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