Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It wasn't your typical Monday

I woke up Monday morning with high hopes that my sweet pea would be in a little better mood than the previous day. We had plans to meet a friend for breakfast and then run a few errands.

Despite the fact that she was cheerful, she still wasn't herself. She refused to sit in her chair or even stand at the bagel shop. She didn't eat her food. She chose to lay under the chair and make faces at the person sitting behind me. It was embarrassing. I felt awkward and didn't want to make a scene. I knew that it was one of those moments that I would always remember as it was taking place.

Then it got worse. 

We went across the parking lot to a fabric store together. As we were brainstorming a project Madelyn started to hit me and began to pull my hair (a first). When I took her to the back of the store to speak with her about her choices and behavior, she kicked me in the shins. I wanted to cry, but waited until we were in the car on the way home for that.

I prayed that this was due to a lack of sleep from her pacifiers being cut and not the new norm for my girl. I prayed for wisdom. I called Luke and went on and on about how humiliating it was and how heartbroken I was because of her behavior.

I hung up the phone, glanced in the rear view mirror at my child who was growling at me and thought, "I am so ready to be home. This day couldn't get any worse."

We both napped. Not long, but at least it happened. I think I needed it more than her. Then we spent the afternoon walking around the neighborhood to avoid anymore of our issues from earlier in the day and survive until Luke made it home. I desperately wanted her to have an enjoyable afternoon so I gave her as much freedom as possible. I let her guide our walk just about every step of the way.

She picked weeds for me.

 Dug in the dirt.
 Plucked the petals off all the flowers she encountered.

Rubbed dirt all over her creamy white cardigan.

Hopped like a frog.
Sang as she galloped back towards the house.
Went on a "bear hunt" in the field across from our house.

Rolled in the yard.
Then like a hero from a comic book, Daddy came home. 

And considering we desperately needed groceries, I grabbed my keys, said my I-love-yous and was off to town. I ran a few errands then made my way to one of three Wal-Marts in our town (the furthest from my house because I always thought it was the safest) where my mom waited for me. She didn't need a thing but wanted to walk around with me since I live a little further away now and we don't see each other every day anymore. I felt terrible that she waited 30 minutes for me to get there and then walked through the entire store with me. Usually I go to our local grocery store because it's convenient and the produce and meat are so much better there, but we were out of just about everything and I had a few errands to run in town.

As we were walking to our cars, an unfortunate thing happened. Something that saddens me for my own sake and for the people that did it. No details are necessary, even though they were all over local and national news, but it's a very unfortunate thing that has opened my eyes in so many ways to the evil that exists in our world and our desperate need for Jesus. It's been rough, but I know it will only continue to get better from here.

My family and friends have been amazing. The messages from some sweet blog readers who heard it on their news were encouraging.

And I learned my lesson...if I actually thought that my day just couldn't get any worse than my child acting out in a store, I was wrong. Very wrong. But, my friends, tomorrow still comes.

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